Past Companies Under Management

Abbott MediSense Japan

MediSense Japan, K.K. (MediSense Japan) was the wholly owned subsidiary of MediSense, Inc. a US company that was finally acquired by Abbott Laboratories in 1996.

MediSense Japan was established in order to spin this business off from Baxter Ltd. which had introduced MediSense blood glucose monitoring products in Japan originally. We then introduced several generations of MediSense products and sold these directly through our own sales force and, also in parallel, through a co-marketing arrangement with Shionogi Pharmaceutical. After our parent was acquired by Abbott, MediSense Japan continued to operate independently for some time but was finally absorbed by Dainabot.


Deka Investments Aksys Japan

Aksys Japan, K.K. (“Aksys Japan”) was the wholly owned subsidiary of Aksys Ltd., a US company funded by the Coral Group, Sutter Hill Ventures, and others and ultimately listed on NASDAQ.

Aksys Japan was established to commercialize the Aksys Home Hemodialysis System in Japan and to work with Japanese strategic partners, predominantly Teijin, which contributed substantial technical assistance and $21 million in cash. Unfortunately Aksys, Ltd. failed and its assets were sold to DEKA. We later closed Aksys Japan.


 ResMedResMed Japan

ResMed Japan, K.K. (“Resmed Japan”) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Resmed, Inc. NYSE:RMD.

Resmed Japan was established in order to manage more effectively ResMed’s relationship with its Japanese commercial partner, Teijin, and to achieve certain other objectives. Gradually the role of the Japanese company expanded to the point that a full-time Japanese president was hired. ResMed Japan remains in operation to this day.



ev3, K.K. (“ev3 Japan”) was the wholly owned subsidiary of ev3, Inc., a US company established by Warburg Pincus LLC and the Vertical Group and later traded on NASDAQ before being acquired by Covidien.

ev3 Japan was established in order to take over distribution in Japan of a range of endovascular products manufactured in the US by Microtherapeutics, Inc. and formerly distributed in Japan by Century Medical. We later obtained approval to market other endovascular products, including the ONYX liquid embolic system and the Axium detachable coil system. These products were sub-distributed through Medtronic Japan, until ev3 was acquired by Covidien and integrated with their business in Japan.