Akihide Wada – Biography

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Wada was hired by an international U.S. franchise where he helped to expand operations into Japan. Over the next 15 years, Wada explored managing company infrastructure at the global level working as an Infrastructure Manager and gained experience working for several large global companies.

Key strengths include: Infrastructure management, Information security audit management, infrastructure budget management, IT helpdesk management, vender management, and IT project management.

Wada has been involved in various IT projects such as simplified IT infrastructure, telecom. line upgrade, network equipment upgrade (Cisco router and switch), server upgrade (Domain Controllers, application servers, database servers, file servers), VMware implementation, implementation of WAN optimization device, implementation of Disaster Recovery Plan, office relocation, implementation of Change Management Process, improvement of Information Security Audit, improvement of internal data organization system, and IT cost reduction.

Most notably Wada successfully completed a company merger as an IT leader. For this merger he moved subsidiary company IT systems (including 180+ client PCs, 20 monitoring center client PCs, 10 servers) into the parent company’s Domain and assimilated over 30 Site-To-Site VPNs into the global corporate’s IT environment.

Wada has also worked as a security consultant and helped to bring over 160 stores of POS system into Window Azure base FGCP/A55 Fujitsu cloud.

Wada is IT Manager of CTG K.K., Argon Medical Devices Japan K.K., and Beaver Visitec K.K..