Robert Cornell – Biography

BOB CORNELL, Vice President
Since joining CTG in 1994, Cornell has specialized in building relationships with Japanese healthcare companies for CTG clients. Cornell is often the main liaison between CTG clients and their Japanese partners. As such, he helps to identify and resolve both cross-cultural and complex business problems. Having lived in Japan for his entire professional life, Bob is near fluent in Japanese language and the nuances of Japanese culture.

Cornell established in 2003 and continues to manage CTG’s Import Division. CTG now has a network of more than 40 local distributors, into which it feeds several product lines of medical devices and accessories. Current target markets include neurosurgery, ENT, and home care/rehabilitation.

Prior to joining CTG, Cornell spent 7 years at Takeda Chemical Industries, Japan’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. He holds the notable distinction of being the first non-Japanese ever to be based in Takeda’s Osaka headquarters. After three years there, in Takedafs international division, working to strengthen ties between Takeda and its then-fledgling European subsidiaries, Cornell moved to Takeda’s OTC sales division, where he managed over $5 million in annual sales to 300+ pharmacies in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the first non-Japanese ever to work directly with distributors and pharmacies in the Japanese OTC market.

Robert has held the following positions: Director, ResMed, K.K., Director, Total Renal Care Japan, K.K. and Representative, Oread, Inc. Japan Representative Office.

Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Bob received his B.A. in Economics and East Asian Studies from Columbia University. Bob and his wife now reside in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.