Susumu Sato – Biography

SUSUMU SATO, Vice President
Sato received his B.A. from Doshisha University, a prestigious private university in the Kansai region, where he majored in Economics, specializing in Japanese economic history.

After graduating from the university in 1969, Sato went to work for a small chemical company in Osaka, where he became the Controller and a Director and was responsible for difficult cost-cutting initiatives—including closure of a local manufacturing facility and establishment of an off-shore plant in Korea—which returned the company to profitability.

In 1978 Sato went to work for Japan Travenol Limited (“JTL”) a joint venture of Baxter Travenol Laboratories (now Baxter International, Inc., hereinafter “Baxter”) and Sumitomo Chemical. There he was responsible for relocating the manufacturing operations from a Sumitomo facility in Osaka to a newly established plant in Gifu, which plant Sato helped to plan and establish and where he served as Controller during the transition. After relocating with his family to Tokyo, Sato worked with the finance team that helped Baxter acquire 100% ownership of JTL and complete other consolidation tasks, establishing Baxter’s wholly owned subsidiary, currently named Baxter Limited, K.K. (“Baxter Limited”).

Sato was a member of the team that originally established the Dialysis Division of Baxter Limited and, then, successfully introduced continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) products in Japan. He later did much of the planning and financial analysis which led to Baxter’s $40 million investment in a new CAPD solutions manufacturing facility in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Sato also served briefly in the Office of the President of Baxter Limited and helped to establish and manage the company’s New Business Development Department. Following the acquisition of American Hospital Supply Corporation by Baxter, Sato was named Chairman of the Post-merger Consolidation Task Force in Japan, established to plan and implement local consolidation of Baxter Limited with American Hospital Supply Japan.

Immediately prior to leaving Baxter to co-found CTG, Sato was Bucho responsible for all non-sales divisions of Baxter’s Global Renal Therapy Business in Japan.

Sato is presently Representative Director of CTG, K.K. and was previously a Director of ResMed, K.K. and Total Renal Care Japan, K.K. and a Statutory Auditor (Kansayaku) of ev3, K.K., Aksys Japan, K.K., MediSense K.K., Nova Biomedical, K.K., and ESC Medical Systems, K.K.