Robert A. Cornell


BOB CORNELL – Vice President of The Chicago Tokyo Group, K.K. and Representative Director of Chicago Tokyo Medical, K.K.The son of a senior U.S. Government official, Bob was raised in the Washington, D.C. area.  After graduating from Columbia University in 1986 (B.A. in Economics & East Asian Studies), Bob was hired by Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd., Japan’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer.  He was the first non-Japanese employee ever to work at Takeda’s headquarters in Osaka.
Bob began in Takeda’s International Division, part of an effort to help strengthen ties between the headquarters staff in Osaka and Takeda’s then fledgling European subsidiaries.  Later he was assigned to Takeda’s OTC sales division in Tokyo, where he managed $5 million+ in sales annually to more than 300 pharmacies.  He was the first non-Japanese employee ever directly to manage pharmacies and distributors in Japan’s OTC market.
After seven years at Takeda (in 1994) Bob was hired by the Chicago Tokyo Group, which has since placed his unique skills and experience in service to our clients.  Bob helps our clients to communicate, negotiate, and manage relationships with their business partners and customers in Japan.  In addition to serving as a Vice President at CTG, Bob has concurrently occupied positions within our clients’ organizations including terms as a Director of ResMed, K.K. and Total Renal Care Japan, K.K. and head of the Representative Office in Japan of Oread, Inc.
In 2003 CTG established a medical products import business, which has grown steadily under Bob’s leadership.  Recently (2014) this import business was spun off into a separate company, called Chicago Tokyo Medical, K.K. (CTM) of which Bob is the Representative Director and majority owner.  Today CTM has a network of more than 40 local distributors, through which it supplies medical devices and accessories, mostly used in neurosurgery, ENT, and home care/ rehabilitation.  CTG retains a strong working relationship with and a substantial ownership position in CTM.
Bob is a Permanent Resident of Japan and his wife of many years is a Japanese citizen.  They reside in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

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